Based on the reviews and additional criteria, the Scientific Committee has awarded 5 Most Valuable Contributions.

The following conference papers were invited to submit their extended versions to Materials MDPI for which, if published, the APC will be covered with the with founds of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA): "MATBUD'2023 - Developing international scientific cooperation in the field of building materials engineering" BPI_WTP_2021_1_00002, MATBUD'2023.

  1. Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, D.; Jaskulski, R.; Dziedzic, K.; Antolik, A. Effect of Low-Quality Calcined Clay on the Suppression of the Alkali–Silica Reaction. Mater. Proc. 2023, 13, 15.
  2. Tokpatayeva, R.; Olek, J.; Sahu, S. Sulfate Resistance in Carbonated Low-Calcium Silicate Cement Pastes. Mater. Proc. 2023, 13, 22.
  3. Kribes, Z.-E.; Cherif, R.; Aït-Mokhtar, A. Physico-Chemical Modelling of Chloride Migration in Cement-Based Materials Considering Electrode Processes. Mater. Proc. 2023, 13, 37.
  4. Lamouchi, T.; Levasseur, S.; Potier, L.; Dubois, T.; Skoczylas, F. About Gas Permeability and Diffusion through Concrete. Mater. Proc. 2023, 13, 42.
  5. Duży, P.; Choinska Colombel, M.; Hager, I.; Amiri, O. The Effect of Preconditioning Temperature on Gas Permeability of Alkali-Activated Concretes. Mater. Proc. 2023, 13, 38.


Moreover, all authors of the conference papers and all other interested researchers are very welcome to submit their papers in the Special Issue of Materials MDPI in the field of "Building Materials Engineering and Innovative Sustainable Materials".

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